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furry friends

30 Sep

My love and I had a date day for the National Zoo, in DC yesterday. It was lots of fun looking at all the animals and looots of walking! (my calves are feeling it today!) Enjoy a few pictures.

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a likely love affair

28 Sep

I love pinterest! and I know I’m not the only young lady planning my wedding via pinterest LOL. I have the exact dress and shoes on my wedding pinterest board. I’m wedding obsessed period I guess, but not quite ready to walk down the aisle just yet. I just love all the pomp and circumstance that goes into a wedding day. My own would be a simple destination wedding, complete with a short dress and a blusher veil, and peach and turquoise decor accents. I love looking on JCrew and Nordstrom website at their wedding collections too (well I really love both for anything, not just their wedding collections). I actually found my dress on he Nordstrom site, and my veil on JCrew’s website. But all of this is to say, Pinterest has ruined my life! LOL!! I could be on my computer doing various kinds of work, and get distracted by Pinterest, and look up and 2 hours have gone by. Is anyone else obsessed with Pinterest like I am?

while they lasted…

25 Sep

A few weeks ago I had a cocktail party in my home. It was a big deal because it was the first time we really entertained in “our” home. I went all out too. Homemade Rose Sangria, home brewed iced tea, shrimp cocktail, mini crab cakes, skewed caprese, finger sandwiches (but no cucumber sandwiches here!), ‘Food Should Taste Good’ multigrain chips (THE best chips ever!!) with fresh guac and pico de gallo, plus cream puffs and ice and fruit parfaits for dessert. All white ‘crate and barrel’ serving dishes and appetizer plates, and real wine and juice glasses. Yellow lattice print table clothes and fresh gerbera daises and sunflowers. The flowers, the real topic of this post, were from Whole Foods. The flowers were by far THE longest lasting flowers I have ever bought in my life! I bought them the morning of the party, and they lasted (not one stem had died) for 3 weeks. I kept walking by them day after day, at one point I thought maybe I had bought fake flowers, but quickly realized that I would never commit to should a decor faux pas! I love fresh flowers, but always hate how quickly they die. Buying them frequently feels like such a waste of money. Whole Foods has now solved my flower problem. Thanks Whole Foods!!


lions and elephants and poodles….oh my!

22 Sep

lions and elephants and poodles....oh my!

I just ordered (and received) the most adorable little keyfobs from Shopbop, by Jonathan Adler. They’re brightly colored, a good (substantial) size and weight, and just the best little accessories. And at $18 a pop, I ordered 2–one for my house keys, one for my car keys. I got the elephant and the lion, but there are several more options to choose from.


what a steal!

20 Sep

what a steal!

Today I got off work early, and decided to swing by Target (I looove Target). And as I was leaving Target, on my way to my car, “flat peep toe shoes” popped into my head. I usually can’t don’t go for peep toes because I have short toes to go along with my short feet, but today I was determined to try. One might wonder why I waited to the end of summer to look for peep-toed flats, but it just happens like that sometimes. So I spied a Kohl’s right where I parked my car. I must confess, I’ve only been in Kohl’s twice in my life, both times with someone else. It’s just typically not my kind of store, but I thought “why the heck not”. After some scouring of the shoe section, I found these Simply Vera Wang beauties. They are so not what I normally would wear, and is a giant step outside of my comfort zone…and I’m absolutely in love with them! AND they were on sale for $17.99. Score!! And in such an unexpected place.


happy hump day!

19 Sep

happy hump day!

traffic and pretty skies! happy wednesday 🙂


If we did all the things …

17 Sep

If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves

–Thomas A. Edison

my quote of the day! 🙂

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