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trick or treat…smell my feet…give me something good to eat!!

31 Oct

Happy Halloween everyone! I’m all decked out in my kitty nose with whiskers…kitty ears and tail (!!) to hand out my candy this year. I went all out…made up individual treat bags with candy, and Halloween themed bracelet and ring…fun stuff! One little girl already told me that I have the best treats 🙂 ooooh…how I love kids!! have a fun and safe one!


ohhhh, sandy

29 Oct


For those on the east coast, I know you are probably pretty well versed in this hurricane Sandy business. Here in the DC area, it’s supposed to hit land any minute now. Everyone please be safe!! I hope our power doesn’t go out (fingers crossed) , in the case that it does…see yall when power’s back.

a love of love

28 Oct

Pride and prejudice is one of my favorite movies, it is one of my guilty pleasures! I love any period movie really, but the romantic ones have a special place in my heart. I love the pomp and circumstance, the fantasy, and the idealism. It allows me a brief reprieve from life, and an opportunity to dream of a different time. What’s your guilty pleasure?

until you drop

28 Oct


Washington DC is known for lots of things, but fashion it is not. DC is the nation’s capital, and government seat, and so of course it is definitely “suit city”. Suits are usually considered to be conservative wear, but I think a lot of people would be surprised to hear that DC is a very liberal town. And even though we’re not a NYC or even an LA, we do love to shop. DC happens to contain one of the country’s richest streets, Wisconsin Avenue. Wisconsin Ave starts in Georgetown, which houses everything from the Betsey Johnson store to Lacoste. Going towards Maryland, Wisconsin Ave crosses into Chevy Chase, and Chevy Chase is the town that houses the coveted Mazza Gallerie. There’s a Neiman’s, a Bloomies, a Jimmy Choo, a LV, a Gucci, and the list goes on! I love when I have the opportunity (and frankly a couple of extra dollars) to be able to scamper over to Mazza Gallerie.

all black everything

23 Oct
all black everything

Bardot polka dot shirt
$83 –

Burberry jacket
$2,570 –

L Agence pleated skirt
$1,140 –

$865 –

Alexis bittar

I’m in a “all black everything mood lately”, simply for the simple, sleek, sophistication of it all. I love every bit of it!

sun day, fun day

14 Oct

Happy Sunday!! I got a lot of things accomplished today. Several loads of laundry (the folding and putting away of the clothes is a different story! lol), ran the dish washer, cleaned our master bathroom, baked and frosted a cake, and now I’m making dinner. I love when I actually have the time on the weekend to get things done, to actually make a meal, use real plates and actually sit and eat dinner at the dinner table. I sometimes feel guilty that I don’t feel like I have enough time in the day, or frankly energy to take care of our home. Ohhhh, the plight of the working woman! I’m working on finding a balance. Until then, thank goodness for Sundays!

busy, busy bee

13 Oct

This past week was so busy, I didn’t have much time to post a whole lot. I have been wondering how successful bloggers are able to blog several times a week, and still hold a full time job and run a household! They must be miracle working women! And I greatly aspire to be apart of their club one day!

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