to grandmother’s house we go

3 Oct

Well not technically grandma’s house, but a cabin in the woods, yes! A group of friends of mine and I have decided to take a weekend trip to the most western tip (almost PA) of Maryland to one of the lake resort homes. We’re currently deciding on a house, which is very dependent on how many couples are going. But in my mind, the most prevalent thing is “cabin chic” attire. I’m working through finding some nice pajama sets, and I just happened to purchase a nice pair of sassy slippers last week. In my head, there has to be a balance…nothing too “nightie”-ie (that’s just inappropriate), and nothing too “school marm”-ie. And then of course pajamas is different from lounge wear, which I will also need want to get! I love shopping with for a theme/purpose. So I’ll probably will be sharing a couple of posts of my cabin chic finds, so stay tuned!


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