paperless post

15 Nov

As I have indicated in a  previous post ‎, I am a purist in a lot of different ways.  One additional way is that I love, love, love snail mail notes. Handwritten thank you notes, typed invitations, or even just a little note to say hello! My first job ever was at a famous card store, and I continued to work there part-time for years (way too long in my opinion now!). No wonder I love an actual card!! However, in the age of technology  it’s becoming more and more old-fashioned for me to send out my note cards. There are still some people who appreciate my cards by mail, ie older people, but for the more modern people….I introduce you to Paperless Post. It’s like actual fabulous cards, that you can send electronically (not anything like a bloody e-card…blahhh).  They even have Kate Spade cards, and anyone who knows me knows that I heart Kate Spade (even some Jack Spade pieces…my babe just got a cutie Jack Spade tote bag). And so, if only for the K Spade pieces, I am very happy for this new find of mine. Make sure you check it out!


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