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holiday fever

25 Nov

So our trip to Western Maryland was the We’ve all concurred that what happened at the resort…stays at the resort, just like Vegas! But we definitely had too much fun!! However, last weekend started off my holiday sluggishness, and I think I’m in for some t.r.o.u.b.l.e., especially the day before and after thanksgiving. And with multiple birthdays coming up in December and January (including mine), Christmas, and New Years, I’m not exactly sure when enthusiasm for work will increase! Ah well, the lack of enthusiasm for my job is for an entirely different post, but the holidays have made it hit an all time low. Is anyone else experiencing this same holiday fever?


happy thanksgiving!!

22 Nov

I hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday. Don’t eat too much! 🙂

now…who’s going out for Black Friday tomorrow?! lol

Happy Friday!!

16 Nov

Today is the day that we all leave for our mini weekend vaca. We’re all packed up (re: over packed!) and ready to go! Because we live further north than the rest of our friends also going, the caravan of trucks will be picking us and our truck up at noon. Plus it’s Friday, and it just doesn’t get much better than that! Have a great weekend everyone!!

trick or treat…smell my feet…give me something good to eat!!

31 Oct

Happy Halloween everyone! I’m all decked out in my kitty nose with whiskers…kitty ears and tail (!!) to hand out my candy this year. I went all out…made up individual treat bags with candy, and Halloween themed bracelet and ring…fun stuff! One little girl already told me that I have the best treats 🙂 ooooh…how I love kids!! have a fun and safe one!


happy wednesday!

3 Oct

happy wednesday!

it’s a foggy, rainy mess in the nation”s capital…but I will get through over this hump!


saturday morning bliss!

15 Sep

saturday morning bliss!

Coffee (in my love’s work mug because all my cutsey ones are in the dishwasher LOL) and a little pinterest! I tried to sleep in, but I only made it until 9a! This is a rare free Saturday, and I am going to leisurely enjoy it!


happy friday!

14 Sep

happy friday!

on to the weekend 🙂

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