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13 Sep

I am a purist at heart. I own a Nikon, but mine is film. There’s something about not knowing exactly what my picture will look like that’s attractive to me. I still own a classic iPod, actually it’s the video model, but it still has the touch wheel. I am also still team Blackberry. I know, I’m one of the last of the mohicans. I do have a new BB though, if that makes it any better! I currently own the BB Bold 9900, which has the qwerty keyboard, the screen is touch, and I love it 95% of the time. I just love having a keyboard, and I’m deathly afraid of fully committing to a full touch screen phone, because I know just how clumsy I am. My cellphone is my lifeline (sad right), and I cant imagine dropping it, and my entire screen is destroyed. However, I am one sassy fashionista (in my mind), and the accessories for the BB are just not cutting it! No Kate Spade cases for me! So recently (as in the last week or two!) I have been thinking about crossing over to the dark side called the iPhone (blah to androids), however my cell phone company (T-Mobile) does not currently carry the iPhone. I have had the nightmare that is At&t, and will never go back there. I also do not want to pay the high prices of Verizon. So this still leaves me without an iPhone! However, if T-Mobile advances their network to Apple’s requirements, then we could be getting the iPhone. There has also been talk in the tech blog world, that T-mobile might be advertising soon for people to bring their unlocked iPhones over to the bright T-mobile side. I’m not sure how I feel about an “unlocked phone”. Would you chance an unlocked phone on another network?

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