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sun day, fun day

14 Oct

Happy Sunday!! I got a lot of things accomplished today. Several loads of laundry (the folding and putting away of the clothes is a different story! lol), ran the dish washer, cleaned our master bathroom, baked and frosted a cake, and now I’m making dinner. I love when I actually have the time on the weekend to get things done, to actually make a meal, use real plates and actually sit and eat dinner at the dinner table. I sometimes feel guilty that I don’t feel like I have enough time in the day, or frankly energy to take care of our home. Ohhhh, the plight of the working woman! I’m working on finding a balance. Until then, thank goodness for Sundays!


a likely love affair

28 Sep

I love pinterest! and I know I’m not the only young lady planning my wedding via pinterest LOL. I have the exact dress and shoes on my wedding pinterest board. I’m wedding obsessed period I guess, but not quite ready to walk down the aisle just yet. I just love all the pomp and circumstance that goes into a wedding day. My own would be a simple destination wedding, complete with a short dress and a blusher veil, and peach and turquoise decor accents. I love looking on JCrew and Nordstrom website at their wedding collections too (well I really love both for anything, not just their wedding collections). I actually found my dress on he Nordstrom site, and my veil on JCrew’s website. But all of this is to say, Pinterest has ruined my life! LOL!! I could be on my computer doing various kinds of work, and get distracted by Pinterest, and look up and 2 hours have gone by. Is anyone else obsessed with Pinterest like I am?


happy hump day!

19 Sep

happy hump day!

traffic and pretty skies! happy wednesday 🙂

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