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I’m a sucker for an accessory

1 Dec


Stainless Steel Hammered Tumbler, Gold – 16 fl oz.

Any kind of accessory really…and this is such a gorgeous yet functional one…I couldn’t pass it up! Those who know me, know that I can’t survive a day with a coffee and my coke zero (with a straw of course!!), otherwise I wouldn’t make it through the day. So if you have to drink something that makes your breathe most assuredly un-pleasant, then at least it can come out of something really cute!


saturday morning bliss!

15 Sep

saturday morning bliss!

Coffee (in my love’s work mug because all my cutsey ones are in the dishwasher LOL) and a little pinterest! I tried to sleep in, but I only made it until 9a! This is a rare free Saturday, and I am going to leisurely enjoy it!

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