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We made it through…

26 Dec

…Christmas completely unscathed…at least most of us…I hope! I’m currently writing this blog on brand new handy dandy iPad….ohhhhh how I love it. I was almost afraid that I’d leave all my other electronics behind, but I realize that sometimes I would prefer to still use my laptop with an actual keyboard. Now on to the Kate spade website to order my new iPad case!


finally ready for the holidays

10 Dec

I finally broke down and took out my tree, decorated it and the rest of our apartment yesterday afternoon. I also wrapped up most of my gifts. Today is my babe’s birthday, but unfortunately my future lawyer has one last exam for the semester tomorrow so the real celebration won’t be until the upcoming Saturday. I do, however, have a few surprises up my sleeve for today! Yesterday, with my cousin’s bday, marked the start of my extra busy birthday/holiday season. I’m sooo excited!

holiday fever

25 Nov

So our trip to Western Maryland was the bomb.com. We’ve all concurred that what happened at the resort…stays at the resort, just like Vegas! But we definitely had too much fun!! However, last weekend started off my holiday sluggishness, and I think I’m in for some t.r.o.u.b.l.e., especially the day before and after thanksgiving. And with multiple birthdays coming up in December and January (including mine), Christmas, and New Years, I’m not exactly sure when enthusiasm for work will increase! Ah well, the lack of enthusiasm for my job is for an entirely different post, but the holidays have made it hit an all time low. Is anyone else experiencing this same holiday fever?

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