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overly trendy

15 Dec

I’m usually not overly trendy with my fashion, but I sometimes try to incorporate a thing or two here and them into my mostly classic and slightly preppy wardrobe. Insert wedge sneakers. I’ve been on the fence about them for months, but about 2 weeks ago I ordered some. I wore them yesterday, and was instantly in love! They’re comfy, hip and dare I say…kind of sexy. I got a few compliments on them too!! I went cheapy (in case I really didn’t like them) and got the gold-ie ones from target online. Has anyone else tried this trend?


a seemingly unlikely pair

11 Nov

I hope I am not the only one who has heard of the alliance of Target with Neiman Marcus for a holiday collection. I am too stoked! Anyone who knows me knows that I L.O.V.E. Target, and even though my wallet doesn’t fully appreciate Neiman Marcus, I still manage to get them to play together every once in a while! LOL! But this holiday collection…talk about mixing high and low. And the few items that I’ve seen from the collection…simply gore!


what a steal!

20 Sep

what a steal!

Today I got off work early, and decided to swing by Target (I looove Target). And as I was leaving Target, on my way to my car, “flat peep toe shoes” popped into my head. I usually can’t don’t go for peep toes because I have short toes to go along with my short feet, but today I was determined to try. One might wonder why I waited to the end of summer to look for peep-toed flats, but it just happens like that sometimes. So I spied a Kohl’s right where I parked my car. I must confess, I’ve only been in Kohl’s twice in my life, both times with someone else. It’s just typically not my kind of store, but I thought “why the heck not”. After some scouring of the shoe section, I found these Simply Vera Wang beauties. They are so not what I normally would wear, and is a giant step outside of my comfort zone…and I’m absolutely in love with them! AND they were on sale for $17.99. Score!! And in such an unexpected place.

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