ladies’ tea recap

7 Dec

ladies' tea recap

Our ladies’ tea was absolutely fabulous! It was a great experience that I plan to repeat again in a few weeks, this time going with some ladies from my family. It was all shades of¬†femininity¬†and luxury…yet simple.




I’m a sucker for an accessory

1 Dec

Stainless Steel Hammered Tumbler, Gold – 16 fl oz.

Any kind of accessory really…and this is such a gorgeous yet functional one…I couldn’t pass it up! Those who know me, know that I can’t survive a day with a coffee and my coke zero (with a straw of course!!), otherwise I wouldn’t make it through the day. So if you have to drink something that makes your breathe most assuredly un-pleasant, then at least it can come out of something really cute!


my latest find!

30 Nov’s Fiona heel, so ladylike and sassy…originally $325….the price I paid? $39!! I sufficiently think there are no additional words needed!!


it’s christmas time again!

30 Nov

In the past I have waited until the last minute to even try to figure out my Christmas gifts for my loved ones, but this year, on the last day in November, I’m almost completely done!! Yayyy, for this entirely grown-up achievement! I have been very blessed this year (in more than a few ways), and so I have bought some awesome gifts this year! *patting myself on the back* I actually have had lots of fun shopping for others this year, probably because there’s been a few gifts thrown in for myself! JK!! I’ve always been the type of person who loved doing for others, but life takes turns, as we all know, and sometimes bad feelings spill over into other aspects of life…blah blah blah! But the last couple of years I feel myself growing, making better choices, surrounding myself with better people, growing wiser, liking myself more, and to top all of that…I’m in the most amazing relationship…and frankly…what’s better than good love? Not much in my book! So as we embark on this holiday season, and I attend my first tree trimming party of the season, I am grateful and smiling from ear to ear!


fall bucket list

7 Oct

fall bucket list

1. pumpkin patch for pumpkins (of course), apples, and fresh pressed apple cider
2. ladies high tea
3. volunteer with the food bank in dc
4. murder mystery dinner theater; because I’ve always wanted to go to one, and have never been
5. work more on my blog site; would like to find some creative ways to produce more traffic to it

I might be adding more to this list as the weeks go by…excited!!


happy wednesday!

3 Oct

happy wednesday!

it’s a foggy, rainy mess in the nation”s capital…but I will get through over this hump!


lions and elephants and poodles….oh my!

22 Sep

lions and elephants and poodles....oh my!

I just ordered (and received) the most adorable little keyfobs from Shopbop, by Jonathan Adler. They’re brightly colored, a good (substantial) size and weight, and just the best little accessories. And at $18 a pop, I ordered 2–one for my house keys, one for my car keys. I got the elephant and the lion, but there are several more options to choose from.

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